Titanium UDL 50 Synthetic Underlayment

Ultimate Protection For Your Roof

Owens Corning Titanium UDL 50 uses an innovative nano-laminated reinforced plastic developed by InterWrap. Over 1,000,000 homes in America are currently under the protection of Titanium synthetic underlayment.

Titanium UDL 50 Underlayment

25x Stronger than Felt

100% Inert to Mold

100% Recyclable

25 Year Limited Warranty

Air Water Vapor Barrier

Does Not Wrinkle

High Resistance to Wind

Commercial Grade Product

Get Titanium Strength and Value

Titanium UDL 50 is six times lighter than asphalt 30-pound felt paper. This means the rolls have more coverage with a 48” width cover. This gives you more strength and value for your dollar.

Less Risk

Titanium UDL 50 has a special coating called Sure Foot® with patented non-slip and nodular surface technology which allows our roofers to do their job much faster and saves the customer cost on labor.

Incredible Value

Titanium UDL 50 is the best product, quality and value with 50% saving in time and labor which is passed on to the customer.

Upgrade Your Roof with Titanium

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