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They were the only one willing to help me.

I had a leak in my roof. I called several roofing companies and they were the only one willing to help me. I would absolutely recommend them – in fact I’ve already recommended them to two or three people already.

Replaced hail damaged roofs on 82 units. Quick, clean and on schedule. Always kept us informed if any problems existed. Would highly recommend.
Ronald F., Peoria AZ

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Justin and his installation team were excellent all the way through. Great follow up during installation and afterwards when job completed. Showed me all my options to make a solid decision. Highly recommend.
William H., Glendale AZ

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Excellent crew. Very detailed and hard working.
Paul C. Surprise AZ

Install or Replace an Traditional Tile Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

The roof is great, the crew did a great job.
Silvio P., Scottsdale AZ

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Went above what I expected great people
Peter Z., Litchfield AZ

Install Asphalt Roof, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

I would’nt want anyone else on my roof. The project manager, Martin Lopez, was my first point of contact. He helped me every step of the way from contacting my homeowners insurance, inspecting the roof, meeting with the field that Justin, and overseeing the entire project. He even followed with me a few days after the project to make sure I was happy. The crew was amazing and professional. It was even hard to tell they had’nt done any work after the project because they left everything so clean. This company truly cares about their customers satisfaction.

Joel I., Tucson AZ

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Once I decided my asphalt shingle roof was too old to repair and needed to be replaced, I started getting bids. Soon I felt uneasy because I knew too little about roofing to evaluate the bids. So I stopped the bidding process and got educated about roofs. It made a huge difference in the kind of roof I chose, and who I chose to install it.

It also put me in control of my project. Instead of being told by the roofer what I needed, I told the roofer what criteria had to be met to satisfy me. And I did it with confidence, because I had taken the time to learn about roofing. I decided there are three important factors of roofing to address for a good quality roof:

1. Materials;
2. Workmanship;
3. A systematic design for combining 1 & 2.

If all three factors satisfy my level of quality, then the final result should be a roof that satisfies my expectations.

Here is where I made a decision that was critically strategic: focus on materials and design before searching for workmanship. Before looking for a roofing contractor, I decided first to find the materials and design that made me happy. This decision put me in control of hiring a roofing contractor.

Use the internet to learn about roofing materials. Manufacturers have technical instructions specifying their installation requirements in order to meet their warranty criteria. Knowing those requirements is important, because your homeowner’s insurance will only cover damage to your roof if it was installed according to manufacturer’s installation requirements. After careful consideration, I chose Owens Corning because of the features of their shingles, their roof system concept, their transferable warranty, their reputation, and the number of roofers I spoke with who swear by Owens Corning shingles.

Whatever materials manufacturer you choose, make sure you know the reasons for your choice. My list of criteria for the systemic design of my roof.

1. Tear off all layers of shingles on the roof
2. Inspect the decking and make repairs
3. Remove all metal fixtures
4. Remove old ridge vents
5. Inspect gutters and down spouts
6. Install synthetic underlayment
7. Install starter shingles on all eaves and rakes
8. Install cool rated architectural shingles with a 135 mph wind rating
9. Install new ridge vents the full length of all ridges and color coordinated wind turbines 10. Install new ridge and hip shingles for a final, classy touch I was ready to find a roofing contractor because I had chosen a materials manufacturer and had developed a systemic design for my roof.

I looked for a contractor certified by Owens Corning to install their materials. I looked at contractor web sites to get a feel for how they align with my design criteria list. After much deliberation, I chose All About Roofing, LLC in Surprise, AZ. When I met with Logan from AAR and talked about my criteria, he took a low key approach, listening and not trying to pressure me in any particular direction. He didn’t rush through his visit but gave me the time to express my needs. I was satisfied with what I heard from Logan about AAR, but had one final request before signing a contract.

I wanted to interview the owner of AAR and quiz him about his business model. Logan set it up, and I met with Devin and Logan at the AAR office. Devin welcomed the chance to talk about his company and the vision he had. I learned about his passion to make his customers happy through high quality workmanship. I was there about an hour and all my questions were answered. I signed the contract and scheduled the installation. AAR and I created a customer-contractor partnership that benefited us both.

I highly recommend All About Roofing, LLC., Surprise, AZ., to install an Owens Corning Roofing System on your home. The quality of their work is excellent. If you have residential roofing needs, I recommend you them to you.

Ronald C., Sun City West AZ

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Nice job done. Looks very pretty. The workers were efficient and cleaned up after themselves. Devin was very courteous.
Marilyn K., Sun City West AZ

Install or Replace an Asphalt Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

Devin the owner inspected our roof for possible damage, filed a claim for us and it was accepted by our insurance company. His company scheduled a start date and began work. The weather was extremely hot but his workers showed up at dawn and worked tirelessly till dusk each day until done. They were very courteous and considerate as well as conscientious. They completed 31 units in only 8 days. Everything was done as proposed. Any exceptions or questions were immediately handled to perfect conclusion by Devin and his company. Very professional in all ways. Cleanup was done as quickly and thoroughly as allowed by progress. We would recommend All About Roofing of Surprise, AZ to anyone looking for one who does an outstanding job. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
Orval B., Sun City West AZ

Install or Replace an Asphalt Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

This team has it down! Great Service, Pricing, Top Materials. Arrived at 7:30 am and done cleaned up at 2:pm! Amazing!
Richard M., New River AZ

Install or Replace an Asphalt Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

They were very clean and professional! Thank you guys again!
Barbara G., Sun City West AZ

Install or Replace an Asphalt Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

Logan is very knowledgeable in everything and I am so thankful for him coming to my house and the crew did excellent and handled everything very well and professionally and cleaned up every day!
Ellen F., Peoria AZ

Install or Replace an Traditional Tile Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

The work was exceptional and cleanup very good.
James R., Surprise AZ

Repair a Tile Roof, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

We had to replace our worn out shingles before the solar company would install the solar units on the roof. All About Roofing was one of the companies I contacted. After their inspection and price for replacement I was convinced they were the company I wanted for the job. They put my job on a fast tract and finished it in time for the solar company to do their job. This company has very professional people working for them. They are excellent workers and do a superb job. An unexpected high wind came after they left for the day. Part of the protective covering came loose in the wind. I called Devin and about 15 minutes later workers showed up to secure the covering. The next day they came and finished the job. The company has great customer service.
Gerald V., New River AZ

Install or Replace an Asphalt Roofing, Verified HomeAdvisor Review

All About Roofing is really top notch! From project directors Justin and Juan to crew leader Milton and his fellow crew members, competency, responsiveness, care, and quality work were ever-present.
Jeff D., Scottsdale AZ

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